Sun Tanning

Sunless Tanning At Home

Sunless tanning is the only safe way to achieve the perfect tan you want. They can be used year […]

Sun Tanning Protects The Skin

Several medical studies have proved that tanning is beneficial to the human body. The major benefit is the strengthening […]

Sun Tanning And Anti Aging

People enjoy the relaxing experience of tanning. And they also love its result, a fabulous bronzed skin. But exposure […]

Tanning Beds

A Quick Look At Tanning Beds

Tanning Beds, also known as sunbeds, are used to emit ultraviolet radiations for cosmetic reasons such as artificial tanning […]

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Tanning Lotion

How To Tan The Safe Way With Tanning Lotions

These days we all want to enjoy the healthy glow that comes with a beautiful tan, but with more and more evidence coming to light with regards to the dangers of the sun’s rays we have to be increasingly careful about jetting off on vacation and roasting in the midday sun in order to try and get some color. Exposing your delicate skin in hot weather can result in a multitude of problems, but luckily you can now enjoy a golden glow without having to put up […]

How To Choose The Best Tanning Bed Lotions

Despite warnings about the risks, people continue to flock to tanning beds. Tanning bed lotions are a necessary accessory, whether you are a regular tanner or just trying to get a good base tan before the summer holiday season or for a vacation. Lotions come in a variety of formulas for every skin type. Cooling lotions help keep the skin cool in the bed. After tan lotions extend your tan and can help shorten the time you need to spend in a bed to maintain your tan. […]

Choosing The Best Tanning Lotion For Your Skin

These are some of the best and most popular tanning lotions available on the market. Supre Cafe Bronzer: This dark tanning maximizer is from Supre, a two-in-one formula combining dark tan maximizers with self-tanning bronzers. Café Bronzer is formulated from a special blend of coffee bean extracts, Vitamin E and C, with Supre’s own Skin Stimulation System and Biotan technology to help stimulate micro-circulation for maximum tanning results, and Skin Recovery System to help stimulate skin recovery from UV exposure. The lotion is specially designed for “Advanced […]

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Tanning Tips

Top 4 Tanning Methods!

If you’ve ever used a self-tanner, chances are, you’ve experienced a horror story involving streaking or orange palms. While easy to use once you get the hang of them, these summer must-haves are also simple to misapply if you haven’t mastered the right technique. The reason? All self-tanners contain a chemical called dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, which temporarily stains (within about an hour) the uppermost layer of your skin, called the stratum corneum. So if you don’t apply the product right to begin with, it’s hard to stop […]

Top Tanning Facts For A Safe Tan

The custom of tanning one’s skin has received a lot of publicity in the recent times. Because of its alleged link with cancer, tanning and its effects has become a major subject of debate among scientists, beauticians and even the women who would like to know all the facts about it before deciding on whether to go tanning or not. Though it is commonly believed that tanning invariably leads to skin cancer, recent studies have shown that tanning may be a protective device against certain types of […]

Tips On Purchasing Baby Formula

It provides your newborn with the nourishment that he/she needs and help them to develop proper habits that may very well dictate their future health. Baby formula is your baby’s first taste of milk and it’s important to make that first experience a good one. When selecting baby formula, you will want to make sure that it is healthy and made by a well known manufacturer. A company that has been in business for years would be a more reputable source of baby formula than one that […]

The Best Sunless Tanning Methods

If you haven’t noticed the summer is already here. Surprisingly, you don’t have to wait for the summer for endless beach hours beating down on the sun rays. Sunless tanning also known as the indoor tanning is more popular and easy than ever and it is much safer than sun tanning. Here are 10 tips for sunless tanning: 1. Airbrush tanning – Airbrush tanning is a new an emerging sunless tanning method. Using a clear liquid containing called dihydroxyacetone (DHA), you can get a golden tanned look […]

Top 3 Tips To Great Tan!

The popularity of self-tanning products is surging, showing that Americans are wising up about sun safety. They’re putting their money where their skin is. Skin takes a lot of wear and tear, so it naturally regenerates itself. Every 35-45 days the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis, is completely replaced. Since skin pigment is found in this upper layer, any natural or added pigment will be sloughed away in about one month’s time. This is why natural tans fade and why many self-tanning products recommend you […]