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Work at Home Business Opportunities Thrive in Tight Job Market

While the global job market may be thinning, the growth of work at home business opportunities is continuing to grow. There are many companies that need help in a variety of functions willing to offer employment for those who can telecommute. Working from home can save a business money on employee services, as well as the office space and utilities. Those who are capable to work from home save time and money on commuting as well as working an independent schedule.

Some of the more lucrative opportunities may exist in professional services such as accounting where a specialized education is required. However, with the right experience opportunities also exist for billing and payroll services that can be done at home. Transcription services also offer a lot of opportunities for working from home and with the right training can be turned into a lucrative business, regardless of the local job market.

There are two basic types of work at home business opportunities that may allow a person to start their own business when jobs are tight. They can either work at home or work from home. The difference being that when working at home, everything is done from the home office. Working from home involves getting out and meeting with clients and potential customers. With few job opportunities in a specific field, finding companies that can use your services to their benefit while you work from home can prove beneficial for you and the clients.

When working from home, you do not always have the luxury of only working for one person. Especially if you establish a service business, one company may not be able to provide enough work to keep you busy, and paid well enough to meet your obligations. In many instances, you will need several clients to provide sufficient income and will also have to have certain personal attributes to make it possible. Not everyone is capable of working from home as it takes a high level of discipline to maintain your focus on the job at hand and to be organized to insure every promise you make to your customers is able to be kept.

Those looking for internet-based work at home business opportunities are often lured by the promise of big money for little work and in very few instances people have made obscene amounts of cash working an internet program. With any business there will be work involved and the business will need to adjust to the needs, and the trends, of the customers in order to remain successful.

Keeping track of customer demands and projecting their future demands may require research beyond the company news and if a business is to be successful, becoming knowledgeable of the product or service being offered will require time. As with any business, the more you put into it, the more you get out and home business opportunities are no different.

Work at Home – a Home Business Vs. a Work at Home Job

The at-home work force is increasing exponentially every year. As more and more people begin working from home, the lines and definitions between jobs and a business are beginning to get blurred. But, there is a difference between a home business and a work-at-home job. Keep reading for a clear outline of these basic distinctions.

Basically, a home based business is any business where the primary office is located in someone’s home – usually the owner’s. In fact, most companies start out this way – from simple tinkering in the garage to typing away in the spare room. From Microsoft to Ben & Jerry’s, many successful business got their start the home-based way. If you are planning on launching your own home business and being your own boss, make sure that it’s legal. While most zoning laws won’t crack down on a basic home office, they will lay down the law when it comes to a noisy auto repair business, illegal daycare or opening a store-front on your lawn.

Once your home-based business begins to earn income, you will need to begin thinking about registering your business, filing business taxes, and essentially running your home-based business in a legal and professional manner.

Meanwhile, a work-at-home job is a little different. Unlike a business where you manage yourself, in an at-home job you are responsible to a supervisor. Whether you do legal transcription, bookkeeping, fund raising, customer service, programming, or web design – if you are working solely for an outside business, a business with offices outside of your home, then you are working an at-home job. A work-at-home job may allow you to direct your hours and workspace, but the essential control and direction of the business will be out of your hands and that is the primary difference between a home business and a work-at-home job.

Create Your Own Work at Home Job

Securing a work at home job can take a lot of time, patience, and persistence. Unfortunately, by the time most people begin searching for a job to do at home, they are already in a severe financial bind and need to begin earning right away. That’s just not realistic with most work at home jobs and businesses. However, it is very possible to begin earning some income almost immediately by using your existing skills and abilities.

The first step is to figure out exactly what your skills are. Don’t say you don’t have any. Everyone has things they are good at. 😉 Whether your skills have been learned in a job or everyday life doesn’t matter. What type of work have you done in the past? Are you good with accounting, clerical work, filing, typing? Look at your hobbies and interests also. Can you design web pages, take great photographs, sew, knit? Do you love children or animals? Are you a great organizer or cleaner? Do you love to shop? Write down all of your skills, abilities, and interests.

Once you know what you can do, figure out a way to use those skills to earn some money. Get creative! Think in terms of products or services. What products or services can you provide that others will find value in? Big hint: people are always looking for ways to save time, save money, or improve their quality of life. Can you help them do that?

Here are some examples of ways you could use your skills: shopping, cleaning, organizing, party planning, childcare, pet-sitting/dog-walking, taking pets to veterinary appointments, errand service for Moms or elderly, assisting small businesses in your area with clerical work, painting (both interior and exterior), junk removal, yardwork, taking photographs at special events or tourist attractions, making and selling craft items at fairs or flea markets, designing websites for small local businesses, catering or cooking.

That’s just the tip of the iceburg, but you get the idea. Once you have some ideas for possible businesses you could do, find out what legal requirements you’d have for starting a business like that in your home. Call your Town Clerk’s office and your state’s Dept. of Revenue to find out what paperwork or licenses you’d need to get started.

Then research the going rates for the work you’re considering. If you’re really not sure how much to charge, consider how much you’d like to earn per hour, and ask yourself whether most people would be willing to pay that or not. You don’t want to under-charge and make it not worth your while, but you also don’t want to charge ridiculous rates that people wouldn’t pay.

Your rate per hour will vary depending on the type of work you’re doing, but in a general sense, try to keep your rates reasonable while still paying yourself what you’re worth.

Then you can start marketing. Marketing does not have to be expensive. Make up some flyers yourself or have a print shop do it, and begin posting them on public bulletin boards. You can also pay for an inexpensive classified ad in your local newspaper. You might need to invest a little money to get started, but there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars.

Start small. Once you begin building a client base you can always pay for more advertising. You can also have some business cards made up (or make your own) to pass out to potential clients. Don’t be afraid to approach your target market directly, either! If you want to provide a service to small local businesses, go in and introduce yourself. Tell them who you are and what you do. Leave a flyer with them. Don’t sit home waiting for the phone to ring, get out there and make it happen.

Guess what? You’re in business! Even if this isn’t what you want to continue doing forever, that’s okay. You can still continue searching for jobs or researching home businesses that will more closely match what your career vision is. In the meantime, at least you will be earning some money to reduce the financial pressure in your household.

A Simple Work at Home Job

At first glance you may be asking, what is a baby newspaper? A baby newspaper is a special keepsake birth announcement that is set up to read and looks like a newspaper. This is a fun and unique gift for a mother to be, new parents or as a birthday gift for an older child. It is a way to commemorate the birth of someone dear. This is a gift that is purchased by parents, friends and relatives.

Newspaper Information

A baby newspaper includes the child’s name as the headline, the option of placing a photo on the newspaper and the real headlines of the birthday. Weather conditions; hit TV programs, top toys and more. This is a special way for someone to look back in the future at the day they were born. You will see how the world around them has changed and to see where you have come.

Business Tools

In order to begin a baby newspaper home business you will need a computer, a printer and an Internet connection. You will want to create a domain name and create a website for your services/ products. A basic website costs $10.00 per month. This fee is easily paid back to you with profit attached.

Other Newspaper Events

You can create announcements and newspapers for other events as well. Graduations, weddings and over the hill birthday celebrations can all be fun to announce in this special way. People of all ages, races and cultures can enjoy this special keepsake. This job requires no degree, only effort and creativity.


You can charge a special price for announcements that are framed and you can price announcements according to the details included in the paper. If the colors are chosen to be specific for the child’s room a price may be more a simple pink or blue theme. Advertising online can be a great tool. Using keyword density on your website will allow solid traffic flow to your site. Be sure to have some clear examples of your product on the site for customers to view.

Related Product Sales

Not only can you create these keepsake announcements but you can also include candy wrappers for special occasions. You type up and event date and title with the event details to be passed out at reunions or weddings. This is a special treat and is very popular with customers. It’s simple to create, print, wrap the candy bar and ship out to the customers address. This is a great product to offer alongside of the announcement newspapers.

Your Own Home Business

If you don’t mind a little daily news research and a small amount of typing, then you could be on your way to a thriving home business. It’s simple, fun and can make a substantial amount of income. Give it some thought and prepare to be your own baby newspaper editor. You can work when you want and enjoy a relaxing home-based atmosphere as you earn money for yourself and your family, while making a special memento for your customers to cherish.

Work at Home Internet Job at the Speed of Electricity

I’m a pretty average gal. I kind of do my own thing of which some seem relatively productive and others not so much. And a lot like other people, and I guess different from others then, I have a lot of different interests.

I’m a full subscriber to the variety being the spice of life adage. With so many interests (some even approach full-blown passion), you’d think that it’d be fairly easy to find myself a job that put food on the table clothes on my back and left a little in my pocket for weekend skullduggery; and I mean something that really tickled my fancy and had me jumping out of bed five minutes before my alarm goes off.

But that simply has not been the case. It may not help that a large slice of these interests are Caligulan in nature. Not only do I digress, I also have reason to believe that one of these interests may be piqued with paycheck in tow.

Work at home online jobs has got my name written all over it. Granted, I’m not exactly sure what these employers from the heavens are wanting me to do online, as there a fairly wide variety of topics covered. But, that’s besides the point. What I’m talking about is waking up, or not even going to sleep, rolling over and that right there is me punching in, if I qualify for my work at home online job.

So, if you’d prefer to continue doing what you’ve been doing while procrastinating your actual job search and take home a couple of dollars, grab yourself an online job and work at home.

You’ll be searching, browsing and exploring the internet just like you do now, but probably with slightly greater restrictions than your current fear of breaking federal laws provides.