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Top Tips for Your Snapchat Marketing

Are you looking to step up your game on Snapchat. This is something that more and more brands are doing right now thanks to the recent surge in popularity that the platform has enjoyed following its awesome 2.0 update. But your success in this endeavour is going to hinge on your approach to Snapchat marketing. You can’t just go in blind – you need a strategy and you need to demonstrate an understanding of the platform. Let’s take a look at how you can do that. Here […]

Snapchat vs Live Video Streaming

Every now and then the world of internet marketing gets shaken up. Actually scratch that – the world of internet marketing is perpetually being shaken up. The world of internet marketing hardly ever sits still and is in a state that some people refer to as ‘permaflux’. This is because internet marketing relies on technology and the very nature of technology is to constantly change, develop and progress. The latest thing to rock the world of digital marketing is arguably live video streaming. Live video streaming does […]

How to Use Snapchat’s New Features

Snapchat in principle is a very simple tool to use and one that most people can pick up and have a go with without needing too much technological know-how. However, the big update that recently rolled out has introduced a whole slew of new features and while this is great for expanding the tool’s capabilities, it also makes things a little more confusing if you’re getting started for the first time. IN this post, we will assume that you have never used Snapchat before and will go […]

How Filters Speak to the Differences Between Snapchat and Instagram

When we compare different social media channels, we will often compare them on the basis of their content and their functionality. We think of Instagram as the ‘photo’ social network for instance, Pinterest is the ‘mood board’ social network and Facebook is something you use primarily for chatting with friends you know in the real-world. That’s one way to look at social networks. But another way is to think about them in terms of mood, tone and demographic. Because in many ways, the same functionality can exist […]