Getting Started

A Tour of Facebook Live

So you’ve heard the buzz and the excitement and you want to get involved with Facebook Live. This is […]


The Future of Facebook Live

Live streaming has seen a lot of progressive progress in a relatively short amount of time. Facebook Live too […]

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Tips and Tricks

Top Tips for Creating Better Live Content

Creating live content is something that most marketers won’t have much experience with. The big live streaming sites have only been around in the last year and so this is still very much an area where we are learning and honing our craft. Fortunately, video content is not so new. If you’re used to creating content for YouTube, then largely this is going to be similar and you should find that the skills are transferrable. But there are some differences and there are some best practices that […]

Tips for Great Presentation in Your Facebook Live Content

Facebook Live is a platform that should appeal to anyone who is trying to build a personal brand and establish themselves as a thought leader in their niche. This will encompass a very large proportion of digital marketers and make this a platform that a lot of people start making use of. What this also means is that some of the people reading this and planning on creating live content won’t have much experience with creating video content. So if you’re not an experienced YouTuber, read on […]

The Best Kinds of Content for Facebook Live

When creating content for Facebook Live – or any type of live video for that matter – you will quickly learn that some types work better than others. Some content is simply more engaging in a live format and works better that way, while other types just aren’t suited to this type of video. For example, you probably wouldn’t create an advert on Facebook Live. This wouldn’t really benefit from the platform at all and you wouldn’t have the ability to edit or format your video in […]

How to Grow Your Audience on Facebook Live

Once you try creating content for Facebook Live, you will very quickly recognize just how great the format is for really connecting with your audience and offering something different and more exciting compared with your competition. And once you realize that, you’ll no doubt want to ensure that your content is seen by as many people as possible. This is why it’s so important to start building your viewership and making sure you have as large an audience as possible. And after all, isn’t that the MO […]